So many nails piercing the flesh, so many forms of torture for two computer-controlled pianos, audio, and video (2016)

*A collaborative composition between Angela Guyton, Daniela Amórtegui, and myself

Daniela Amórtegui - composition // concept // text author/performer
Alex Grimes - composition // concept // video editing
Angela Guyton - composition // video editing
Andriy Vasylchenko - technical support

Premiered at the Pianos without Organs Festival on October 9th, 2016
Anatoly Larkin - programmer

The source material for So many nails piercing the flesh, so many forms of torture is a reading of a diary entry from a period of intense pain and isolation for the author. In daily life, and especially in cases such as this, the importance of finding some expression of inner experience cannot be overstated. Towards this end, the piece works to depict not only the author's experience but the depiction of its depiction - an investigation into various systems of the socialization of inner life via techniques of capture, representation, and reproduction. The piece maps points of collision, friction, and rupture between one's experience of sensation and the systems that would encode that experience - the elided interpretations, the lossy quantization of experience. Usually enmeshed semiotic regimes are stratified and fragmented, flows of signification are disjoined and displaced. Interpretation yields a word here and a phrase there - often approaching limits of intelligibility where signifiers dissolve into the intimate gestural expression of the mouth and breath.